Enabling 2-Factor Authentication

Objective: Enable 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) in Omega drive with either phone/ text method or a via authenticator application like DUO, Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator.

Background: 2FA provides an added security layer to online resources by requiring a 2nd authentication method besides the password. In case a password is compromised, the account remains secure as access will be denied without a successful 2nd authentication.

1) Log On to Omega Drive via Browser at
2) Sign in with your credentials

3) You will be prompted to Select Authentication Method. Authenticator mobile app is preferred.
4) Enter your password and click Save.
5) On you phone, download and open
Authenticator app of your choice:
     – MS Authenticator
     – Google Authenticator
     – Duo
     – any TOTP compatible app
6) Alternatively, you may choose not to use an app and just to receive the code via text message. Note: standard text message rates will apply.

7) Follow the instructions on the next page to save your backup key and configure your authenticator app.
8) Upon Completion, the “Two-step authentication” field will show “Authenticator”