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Goran Jovanovic

Goran Jovanovic is the founder and President of Omega Network Solutions. He completed his degree in Computer Science from the University of Manitoba. His internship at CERN, programming for real-time display of particle physics data, was a remarkable starting point for his long and varied career. Using his passion and talent for all things technological, Goran has worked in IT for organizations ranging from international corporations, such as Imperial Oil, to small businesses. In 2005 Goran created Omega Network Solutions where he’s able to share his expertise to provide great IT to other businesses. Goran is a car enthusiast leaning to the Audi brand. He’s thrilled when he can drive fast cars on a track, and on frozen lakes too.

Mike Razo

Mike Razo joined Omega Network Solutions in 2015 as a senior technical support specialist and now manages the support and project teams. He studied at the University of Toronto in Advanced Mathematics and Astrophysics. He has worked in a variety of roles, from the Canadian government as a Canada Customs Officer to a provincial non-profit, before finding his niche in I.T. Mike’s analytical nature and personable demeanor help him support IT teams in enterprise, mid and small-business environments. Along with his wife, Kari, Mike is active in his church community having taken on roles such as preacher, teacher and worship leader. Most of all, they enjoy spending family-time together with their three beautiful daughters in Ajax.

Raymond Kiaee

Raymond Kiaee is a Senior Service Desk Specialist with over 16 years of experience in IT. He joined the Omega Network Solutions team in 2016 and now takes care of all major IT projects. Raymond holds many different certifications which, along with extensive experience, allow him to excel in working with servers, backup systems, network security and infrastructure. Raymond works proactively to prevent problems from occurring. His goal is always to provide exceptional IT managed services to our clients. Raymond likes to stay connected, and in his free time, you might find him flying his drone to capture aerial footage of the outskirts of Toronto.

Nelson Massey

Nelson Massey started working with Omega Network Solutions in March 2022 as a Senior Service Desk Specialist. He holds a master’s degree in Computer Applications and has many different IT certifications from Microsoft. In the nine years of his IT journey, he has worked with organizations like Dell, Oceaneering International, and various US-based MSPs. Nelson’s excellent analytical approach and troubleshooting skills help him quickly resolve issues, and he always ensures that clients are satisfied. Nelson and his wife, Vandana, recently migrated to Canada; they enjoy traveling and spending time together. Nelson enjoys playing sports like table tennis and badminton whenever he gets the opportunity, and recently he fell in love with flying his drone to photograph the beauty of nature.

Hasan Chishti

Hasan Chishti joined Omega’s support team in May 2022 as a Senior Service Desk Specialist. Hasan has lived and worked in several countries and comes to us with many years of IT experience in providing support to small and medium-sized businesses. He enjoys the challenge of keeping up with rapid changes in the industry. Hasan’s friendly, approachable personality helps clients feel they are being heard and their issues are being addressed. Hasan and his family contribute to their community by volunteering with various not-for-profits. They enjoy traveling, camping, picnics and spending quality time with family and friends.

Adesola Adekanmbi

Adesola Adekanmbi

In September 2023, Adesola became the newest Omega Network Solutions team member, bringing a fresh perspective to providing solutions to customer’s technical issues. With a background in technical support and customer relations, she is experienced in resolving issues, interfacing with customers, and ensuring utmost customer satisfaction.

With a graduate degree in Project Management and 4 years of combined experience in IT and customer service, she takes pride in her meticulous nature, ensuring effective issue resolution and utmost customer satisfaction.

Adesola recently relocated to Canada. In her leisure time, she enjoys binge-watching sitcoms, with ‘Friends’ being her all-time favourite.”


Julianne Carruth has recently embarked on a new chapter at Omega Network Solutions as the Office Manager. Her extensive experience in restaurant management not only honed her skills in meticulous attention to detail, and customer service but also fostered a strong spirit of unity among colleagues. She has seamlessly transitioned to the multifaceted office environment across a variety of small companies, demonstrating remarkable versatility and applying her talents to boost team efficiency and drive productivity.

When Julianne is not navigating office life, she can be found juggling her children’s diverse pursuits. She’s a familiar face at school functions and extracurricular activities, always ready to lend a hand. Beyond her dedication to her family, Julianne is an ardent bibliophile, with an insatiable appetite for books that sees her consuming books as if they were air.

Julianne’s journey is a testament to her adaptability and unwavering team spirit, embodying continuous growth, learning, and an unyielding commitment to excellence in every facet of her life.

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