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With Omega Network’s hosted phone systems, you get access to enterprise-level telecommunications solutions at a price you can truly afford. Whether you’re in the market for better Internet access, integrated voice products, mobility solutions or other next-generation telecom services, we have the answer.

Our Zultys ZIP MX250 and MX30 IP Phone Systems are easy to operate and allow you to set up multiple phone systems in various locations, making extension-to-extension dialing fast and easy. You can also make changes to your system using a simple graphical interface. With business telephone solutions from Omega Network, you’ll get the most cost-effective system for your business interactions. Our knowledge and experience in the telecommunications industry allow us to improve the cost efficiency of the voice, data and wireless services you use every day.

Zultys’ ZIP Series IP Phones

Zultys award-winning, feature-rich Internet Protocol (IP) phone-systems can be mixed and matched to suit your company’s specific requirements. You can also use them with various third-party Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) phones and end-points. We currently offer two Zultys solutions:

MX250 Enterprise-Class IP Phone System

  • Numerous features that support high quality VoIP and Unified Communications for up to 250 users on a single appliance
  • Expansion capabilities to support up to 10,000 users and 128 offices across an enterprise-wide Unified Communications system

MX30 Small and Medium Business IP Phone System

  • High quality VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)
  • Unified Communications services for up to 30 users on a single appliance in a small office environment
  • Capability to connect up to 128 offices and 10,000 employees through an enterprise-wide Unified Communications system

Replace Your Outdated Equipment With a New and Economical Solution

Regardless of the size of your business, a Cloud Hosted PBX Services from Omega Network Solutions will relieve you of any worries or hassles associated with business communications. With our fully managed business telephony services, we guarantee to save you valuable time and reduce expenses.

Omega Network Solutions provides you with an enterprise-level telecommunications solution at a price you can truly afford. If you’re looking for better Internet access, integrated voice products, mobility solutions or other next-generation telecom services, then you’ve come to the right place. We are your one-stop-shop for support, installation, VoIP maintenance, equipment and anything else that you many need.

Advantages of using Hosted Phone Systems vs. Onsite PBX

Deployment – with a hosted PBX system we take care of the installation and management. An on premise PBX would create more work for you

Assistance – our managed digital telephone system services eliminate the need for onsite technical support and resources. Should you have an inquiry or need assistance we are available 24/7

Cost – a Hosted PBX system is significantly less expensive to deploy than an onsite PBX system. Hosted PBX phone systems are especially better for businesses because they’re considered operational and not capital expenses. Also there is no costly upfront purchase of your onsite PBX.

Management – with our Hosted PBX service you’re dealing with only one vendor that provides you with everything that you need, unlike with a traditional PBX system

Security – a Hosted PBX system is much more reliable. In case of a disaster we offer an instantaneous automatic recovery as well as an automatic backup of critical provisioning and service configuration

At Omega Network Solutions we make sure that you get the most reliable and efficient telecommunications services.


We work hard to ensure our clients consistently receive the most dependable and efficient telecommunications services.

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