Omega Network Solutions is presenting a Cyber Security Discussion at the TechConnex Luncheon, Thursday October 24, 2019. You can register here:!event/2019/10/24/cyber-security

We will be discussing what happens on the Dark Web with your credentials after a commercial website has been breached. What is a commercial website? Think of the big data breach news stories like; Marriott Hotels, Ashley Madison, MyFitnessPal, kids toy company VTech and many, many more.

We are planning to show a live hacking demo. What happens to your computer when it’s compromised? What can the remote hacker do? We will show you.

You will leave with some practical steps you can take to help decrease the chance of being hacked and pwned (hacker speak for “I own you”).
Come and have lunch with us, learn some more about Security and the Dark Web. Register at!event/2019/10/24/cyber-security

See you there!

PS: As a bonus for attending, you will get a free Dark Web scan of your email domain letting you know how many of your credentials are available on the Dark Web.