First Time Setup For Your Cloud Access 

First Time Setup for Your Cloud Access

This document is to help you go the initial setup of your computer when accessing your cloud applications


Access to the Cloud Applications

There is only one URL you need to remember

To login

Your Username is your full email address.

Your Password has been sent to you separately, or to your main site contact.

Your Applications

Once you are logged in you will be presented with a list of all the applications that you have access to:

One click on an icon will start the application.

NOTE: The first application you start in the day will be slower than subsequent ones. The first application is logging you in, setting up your profile and doing other background tasks. The second and subsequent applications will start faster.

Startup Warning Messages

Two warning messages that you will get on your first applications.

The first warning is letting you know that an application may want to use some parts of your local computer.

The second warning is telling you that the cloud application is requesting access to your hard drive.

It is important for you to Permit use and click the Do not ask again box for both warning messages.

The reason you want to allow this access is so that you can open or save a file from/to your own computer and not just to the cloud.

Where are your files?

  • Your company’s shared files are in the S: drive.
    • Depending on your security privileges you may or may not have access to all the directories
  • Your personal files (only you have access to them) are in the H: drive


If you have any questions please send an email to and we will answer them.