The team at Omega Network Solutions has finished construction on our very own Eiffel tower from the Lego Icons collection.
Do you know what we enjoyed most about the construction?


When we are not busy managing our client’s IT systems (or networks), we here at Omega like to take the time to indulge in our creative side!

Everyone at the Omega team has their own memories of Lego, from those of us that grew up on it, to those who made the wonderous discovery in their adult years (although still with childish glee). This beautiful Lego structure is our latest endeavor!

Standing at an imposing 59” tall and taking a whooping 10,001 pieces to complete, this iconic building had to be moved in three separate stages. Fortunately, Omega Network Solutions staff are more than used to working together to produce the highest possible results for your team and ours.

Let us know what you think our next major construction should be!