Omega Shield Quick Start

Omega Shield Quick Start

Welcome to the new anti-spam Omega Shield Service. The anti-spam is designed to try to block as much “bad” email, although some unwanted email may still sneak through the service. Always be diligent to review all emails before acting on them, especially if they involve paying an invoice, asking for credit card or gift cards, and clicking on any links that take you to a website.

The Omega Shield Service will send you a daily quarantine report that tells you what is being held as potential spam.

Each spam email is listed with the date, from, subject and score. The “Spam score” is calculated by the system using various methods to rank spam-like features in an email.

You can train and customize the OmegaShield Service to allow it to be better at identifying spam by choosing one of the following options:

  1. Clicking Deliver tells the server to deliver the email to you but to ignore its score for now.
  2. Clicking Delete deletes the email from the quarantine.
  3. Clicking Whitelist tells the server to deliver the email to you and to let it know that future emails are okay from this sender.

On the bottom of the quarantine report there are other options you can choose to customize the Omega Shield service to your preferences.

Please note that these links have a time-limit. If you receive a message where the link has expired, you can either wait, request the next quarantine report or logon to the Omega Shield portal to manage your settings. You can learn more about customizing your Omega Shield Service experience by going to our resources website located below.