Canada Media Fund

Omega Network Solutions and the Canada Media Fund

Omega Network Solutions provides cost-effective, high quality IT services and support to Toronto non-profit Canada Media Fund (CMF). CMF delivers financial support to the Canadian television and digital media industries by encouraging the development of innovative, interactive, digital media content and software applications, and by supporting the creation of convergent television and digital media content for consumption by Canadians anytime, anywhere.

Adele Mansourati is the IT lead at CMF and has worked with Goran Jovanovic from Omega Network Solutions over the past 18 years. Knowing the quality service Omega Network Solutions provides, Adele hired them to be CMF’s Managed Service Provider. Now, having worked with Omega Network Solutions, the team at CMF would never consider switching to another provider. CMF has one office in Toronto with 29 people, and another in Montreal with six employees. Adele is the only person at CMF with any IT knowledge, but she depends on Omega Network Solutions for all their IT infrastructure needs, as well as their phone system.

Adele says: “As a nonprofit, we must carefully budget our grant money, and with the money-saving solutions Omega provides, we can do this. Omega handles all our IT problems and manages our Dell SonicWall Firewalls, Windows Servers monitoring and patching with Alpha Care, anti-spam and antivirus solutions, HP switches, and a virtual private network in our Montreal office. We trust them completely due to their competence, knowledge, honesty and integrity. Omega even replaced our Telus Hosted IP One phone system with a Managed Zultys Phone Solution. They’re busy now working on a backup solution for us as well.”

Although Adele does have some hands-on IT experience, she relies on Omega Network Solutions to do all the expert server and IT infrastructure maintenance and monitoring. Adele said she would highly recommend Omega Network Solutions to any business:

“Omega’s service is really fast, they’re always here no later than the next day. Many of my friends complain about their IT company and how their servers are always going down and preventing them from working. Not, with Omega. In all my years of working with them I’ve never experienced any work downtime, and if they do need to shut down the system to make adjustments, they do this after hours so CMF is always up and running. They’re not only fast but their service is of high quality. The team at Omega Network Solutions is comprised of skilled, honest and reliable people. We love Omega!”


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