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Goemans was looking for ongoing IT service & support

Goemans had been trying to manage their IT infrastructure using time-and-materials services, but due to their expansive growth, this was no longer working. They chose Omega Network Solutions to handle this for them because they wanted to build an infrastructure with a trusted IT Managed Service Provider that offered a flat-rate service, and who could handle the IT needs of their head office, distributions, and six store locations.

Mimi Corsini, Goemans IT Liaison said: “Omega Network Solutions handles all of our IT issues and has helped us with our expansion. When doing so, they were cognizant of our users’ needs and ensured they understood, and continue to understand any IT or application changes. They work with me to ensure our budget requirements are met, and provide multiple solutions that I can take back to our team and work with. I tell advise them of what our requirements are, and they provide cost-effective, reliable IT solutions.”

After doing a thorough assessment of Goemans’ overall IT needs, Omega Network Solutions discovered that their head office wasn’t prepared for their continuing expansion. Goran Jovanovic from Omega Network Solutions installed Windows Servers with remote services, along with a Datavault backup solution, Dell SonicWALL firewalls, and HP Servers and workstations.

Now Goermans is properly prepared for ongoing growth and continued expansion. Mimi continues: “Omega Network Solutions is our “One-Stop-Shop for everything IT!” We trust them to handle our day-to-day IT needs, from hardware and software solutions, to licensing and tech support. They are an organized, reliable, intelligent group of individuals who take pride in their business. I don’t need to worry about our IT infrastructure, because I know I can count on Omega to handle it all.”


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