Toronto Search & Rescue (T-SAR)

T-SAR needed a cost-effective cloud sync solution  

Omega Network Solutions has provided strong and responsive IT solutions to T-SAR, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving safety in Toronto’s waters, by supporting the Toronto Marine Police Unit and the Canadian Coast Guard to set out and save lives.

The Problem

T-SAR had no central repository for important documents. Their Chairman, Patrick S. Curtis, had many critical documents on his personal computer but a lot of them went missing. The problem exacerbated when interns stored files on their own computers and USB drives, and things took a turn for the worse when Curtis’s computer hard drive failed – putting at risk thousands of files. Curtis ended up paying $2,000 to recover those files and realized that having files spread around was both risky and costly.

T-SAR needed a file sync service that would give their employees and interns centralized, shared access to all documents as well as administrative controls to make sure that data and user access were properly managed. But as a non-profit, they needed to keep IT expenditure to a minimal and couldn’t afford a major technology upgrade.

The Solution

Omega Network Solutions worked with T-SAR and deployed eFolder Anchor, a business-grade file sync service that equips T-SAR’s users with a synced folder on their computer where they can access, edit and save files and folders synced to the cloud for accessibility from anywhere, at anytime. A host of administrative features allow T-SAR’s management team to easily control users and files, set permission access, perform remote wipes on temporary employees and minimize data sprawl. Curtis is pleased with Anchor and would recommend it to any company looking for a cloud file sync solution without breaking the bank.

“Organizing and managing your data is key for businesses and for non-profits, like us. Anchor lets us stay focused on what we set out to accomplish,” Curtis proclaims.


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