Multi-Factor Authentication

The most secure access to your company’s data

Omega Network Solutions ensures the security of your business information with Multi-Factor Authentication. As a business owner or manager you know how important it is to make sure that your files, records, and passwords don’t fall into the wrong hands. And that’s where our Managed Multi-Factor Authentication solution can help.


With multi-factor authentication users are required to provide two identification methods in order to gain access to secure files. This extra step creates a higher level of security during the login process. In addition to entering your userid and password you are required to provide a passcode. Your passcode is a 4 to 8 digit PIN (known only to you) and a one-time 8 character code from a keyfob type of device. When all of this is authenticated you are granted access to the system. Nowadays, even strong passwords are not as secure as they once were. Nonetheless, we advise that you still try to make a unique password.

Two-Factor Authentication

By using two-factor authentication, you’ll be able to keep intruders from snooping in your accounts.


  • Significantly reduce the risk of online identity theft, fraud, and phishing attacks
  • Reduce the risk of a hacker or cybercriminal being able to access private data
  • Eliminate any worries you may have about your employees choosing weak passwords

Although multi-factor authentication is not available yet everywhere on the web, some of the most popular online services have implemented it. Both Facebook and Google offer two-factor authentications which involves sending you a text with a six digit code that you use to complete the login. Other web services, like Dropbox, Apple, PayPal, LinkedIn, Yahoo Mail and more, have also recently incorporated a two-factor authentication system.

Multi-factor authentication is definitely a great way to make sure that your data and assets are safe.


Depending on what your needs are, Omega Network Solutions can implement and manage an appropriate multi-factor authentication system for you. You can rely on our unsurpassed management services to keep your company secure and protected.

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