What are the most important things I should consider when hiring a cloud service provider?

In this day and age your most valuable resource in the marketplace is data. Thanks to cloud-based computing, you can store your important records in vast files of virtual storage. You collect it from your customers and store it safely for use in current and futureCloud Service Providers business transactions. This treasure trove of information is extremely valuable to you and your clients, but how do you really know cloud service providers have the data locked up tight? The best way is to go with a reputable provider that is well versed in the ability to warehouse your information. Important features of proven cloud service providers in the Toronto area should include:

• Accessibility – Today’s business world happens on the go. You cannot be expected to carry mountains of files with you to every possible meeting, and hunting down the info in your phone or tablet can be exhausting. Cloud service providers like Omega Network Solutions are able to grant you access the cloud from any computer or mobile device. Your files for each and every client are no more than a few clicks away.

• Reliability – With a well-constructed architecture, you can be sure that the data is where you need it, when you need it. There should be no trouble easily scanning for your files and thanks to expert security measures, all of your info is backed up and waiting for that all-important meeting.

• Affordability – Just because your data is important to you doesn’t mean cloud service providers should charge you an arm and a leg. At Omega Network Solutions, we understand this and will keep your budget in mind and offer you a fixed rate for monitoring, capacity and transfer.

• Hardware – Cloud storage is virtual, so you will not need expensive hardware to store important documents and client files. There is no manual searching required, if you are authorized to access the cloud, you can do so with nothing more than your phone, which is incredibly convenient over a dinner meeting. Whatever your storage needs, it is possible to set you up for a fair and reasonable price.

These are the basic things you want to look for in a cloud service provider, but there is really so much more that you can expect. For instance, an additional feature is complimentary hosting services with a contract. That essentially gives you a consultant to reach out to whenever you encounter a problem and they are prepared to work with you very step of the way as your business goals are realized. In the case of Omega Network Solutions, the consultant you are assigned will discuss your current business plan and what you expect to achieve at several points down the road in order to give you the best customer service possible. They will personally handle the transition from your current storage plan to theirs so your day-to-day operations will not miss a beat. Omega is also a proactive cloud service provider that has been in the business long enough to head-off potential problems before they become an issue to your business.
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