What Types of Services and Benefits do Managed Firewall Solutions Offer?

Data security threats are increasing every single day, and security companies are working hard to stay one step ahead of hackers. Viruses and spyware are also becoming more Managed Firewall Solutionsdifficult to deal with. If you are running any type of business in Toronto, you owe it to your customers to protect their personal information. Managed firewall solutions offered by organizations like Omega Network Solutions offer benefits such as increased uptime, data security breach prevention, virus protection, and much more.

Services Included with Managed Firewall Solutions

A reliable firewall hosting company will provide you with a customized solution, which includes configurations to meet your specific requirements. Whether your business is small or mid-size, you need to make sure you are getting advanced protection. Depending on the size of your business, you may require a single firewall solution or multiple firewalls.

Services should include proper configuration and patches with the most advanced security updates. It takes a high level of expertise to maintain this type of technology and to prevent unauthorized access. When selecting a managed firewall solution, make sure you work with a reputable company with a positive reputation.

Some of the services and features you might expect include:

  • Anti-virus technology
  • Web Content filtering
  • Real-time security
  • Remote access
  • Regular reporting on network usage, threats, website access, updates, etc.
  • Ongoing administration and monitoring
  • Support for compliance requirements and standards
  • Technical support
  • same as Content Filtering aboveSupport for mobile VPN

Benefits of Managed Firewall Solutions

In addition to the obvious security benefits, managed firewall benefits include:

  • Increased Productivity: Without downtimes and unexpected security breaches, employees have more time to be productive. Not only do firewalls block access to unwanted webpages, they also block access to undesirable web applications and activities, such as file sharing, video streaming, peer-to-peer networking, etc. With such distractions being eliminated, employees have no choice but to focus on their work and being productive.
  • The opportunity to define policies: The security experts will listen to your specifications and requirements in order to determine which policies to secure.
  • Essential maintenance and updates. Expert firewall managers are notified by the firewall manufacturer whenever newer versions of the software and tools are available. They will back-up your current software and install all of the relevant updates to improve the safety of your firewall. If you were to try doing this on your own, it’s likely that you wouldn’t be notified as quickly about the updates, or even know which of them would be worth updating.
  • Disaster recovery: Are you prepared and equipped with everything your business needs to recover from disasters (power outages, hardware failure, security breaches, etc.)? The longer it takes to get everything back up and running again, the more your company will suffer. Why not let the professionals take care of everything? Expert firewall management is capable of diagnosing problems and recovering from the disaster in the fastest amount of time possible.

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