Real Protection from online threats

Malware and computer viruses are always going to be around. New threats continue to develop and with every day they’re becoming more and more complex. You are putting your business in jeopardy if you are not protecting your network, computers, tablets and mobile devices effectively.

An attack could result in irretrievable data loss, identity theft, financial theft, theft of confidential client data and intellectual assets, and of course costly downtime. Stay safe and protect everything you’ve worked hard for with a reliable and secure Antivirus solution from Omega Network Solutions. Our flat monthly fee Antivirus service gives you access to up-to-the-minute protection, without the upfront investment.

“How can an Antivirus solution from Omega Network Solutions help you?”

  • Centrally monitored, ensuring Antivirus protection is active and configured properly
  • Continuously updated with latest software
  • Increased security and with that performance
  • Reduces maintenance, email costs, network traffic & administration time

Standard retail Antivirus programs provide reasonable protection and are suitable for an individual user or a small home office especially since those programs are very easy to manage. However, for a business small or mid-sized, with many PC’s in need of protection, such programs become painstaking to manage and give a lot responsibility to the end user. Centrally managed Antivirus services from Omega Network Solutions, solve this problem.

Our centrally managed Antivirus service monitors each computer and ensures that it receives virus signature updates as soon as they are available. It does not matter if the computer is on your office network, or traveling anywhere. As soon as your computer is connected to the Internet it checks in to see if there are any updates, if there are they are applied automatically without any user prompting.

Another great benefit of centrally managed Antivirus software is that you probably won’t even notice that it is running. It operates quietly, does not require any intervention or management from you. The Antivirus program automatically updates its virus definitions as soon as they are released.

A centrally managed Antivirus system is something that every business will benefit from and is risking to be without. An increasing number of cybercriminals are lurking around and posing sophisticated threats, but with an Antivirus solution from Omega Network Solutions you’ll have optimum protection from online crime. 

Too often cybercriminals are one step ahead of us, but with an antivirus solution from Omega, you’ll have optimum protection from online crime.

Stop playing Russian Roulette with your network – talk to us today.