How Can a Managed Firewall Service Help My Business?

Security should always be a top priority for Toronto businesses involved in any type of internet operations. It’s becoming more and more difficult to deal with all of the threats:managed firewall service hacking, identity theft, stolen consumer information, viruses, spyware, network vulnerability, etc. No matter what size your business is, your best option for security is a managed firewall service.
Firewalls for businesses are available as either software or hardware with software elements. The ideal solution includes support for virtual private network, anti-spyware and spam technology, content filtering, and anti-virus tools.

Firewalls on a business level require a considerable amount of management. Most organizations don’t have the time or skills to keep the firewall updated and maintained. Managed firewall services help your business by eliminating the administrative and financial burden.

Common Firewall Mistakes Made by Businesses

Improper network configuration
This is perhaps the most common mistake administrators make, especially when multiple network adapters are installed. With a single network interface all that is required is an assigned IP address, default gateway, subnet mask, and DNS server. Things become more complicated when there are two or more network interfaces. The DNS is commonly mis-configured as well. Problems arise when there are missing or incorrect routing table entries. When there are multiple computers in a company, each must have the software firewall installed. The more installations, the more difficult the firewalls are to maintain.

Disabling flood mitigation
Flood mitigation is an extremely important protection mechanism employed by some firewalls for the purpose of defending themselves against direct attacks. The problem some administrators have with flood mitigation is that it can sometimes be triggered by legitimate network traffic from certain hosts. Because of this, they will disable flood mitigation altogether. This is NOT the right solution.

Configuration of email servers along with the firewall.
This is something that many administrators do incorrectly – especially if they filter the mail through the ESP . Users end up receiving a high amount of spam in their inboxes due to the ESP not helping much and the email not being filtered.

Undefined business requirements.
Your business requirements themselves play a role in how well your firewalls are managed. If the employees to whom you give access are not clear about company requirements and goals, they might make mistakes with the firewall administration.

Managing firewalls configured with hundreds or even thousands of rules puts a lot of stress on businesses. The policies can very easily and quickly become complex as the number of objects and rules increases. Organizations can be faced with unused rules, poor-quality policies, excessive access, ineffective change management, etc.

Consequences of Poorly Managed Firewalls
While there are a multitude of potential problems with poor firewall management, these are the most common.

• Reduced security
• Increased risk
• Errors
• Poor device performance
• Downtime
• The inability to access shared files and components, such as printers
• Loss of money

Choosing a Managed Firewall Service
Mistakes can be avoided altogether if you work with a company like Omega Network Solutions. With a reliable managed firewall service company, your Toronto business will receive the protection and security it needs without any problems. Just let the experts handle everything!

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