In What Ways Does a Managed Firewall Service Provider Enhance Safety?

A managed firewall service provider offering services to Toronto-based companies is definitely somebody you would want to work with. It doesn’t even matter what type ofmanaged firewall service  provider industry you are involved in – IT security is something that all types of organizations need. Data threat, data loss, viruses, spyware, and other dangers can be very crippling if not prevented or handled appropriately.

Some companies invest in their own firewall that they’ve purchased locally. The vast majority of these companies probably do not have the knowledge or skills required to run the firewall and configure it properly. Do not make that mistake. Instead, you should work with a firewall service provider like Omega Network Solutions.

Understanding Security Risks

Simply having a firewall does not mean that your company has all the protection it needs. There are many, many configurations that need to be set up correctly in order for it to truly be beneficial. It’s hard to keep up with day to day operations when you’re trying to figure out how to configure a firewall. It’s not uncommon for companies to either set relevant protective features incorrectly or to not turn them on at all.

You must also keep in mind that security risks come in many different ways. You never know when an employee might open up a harmful email attachment, or fall for a phishing scam. There are always hackers looking for ways to steal money and personal information.

How Professional Firewall Management Enhances Safety

  • Firewall service providers are able to protect your company from both internal and external threats. Security problems can occur inside the business as well as outside. A reliable provider will arrange for your operations to be monitored 24/7.
  • Potential threats are detected via log monitoring. Log monitoring is a service that is usually included with cloud-based firewall solutions. It provides real-time monitoring and threat detection in order to enhance security and achieve compliance. When a threat is detected, the provider will classify it and analyze its threat level. You will be notified and an investigation will be initiated in order to uncover the details. All security threats are quickly countered by security analysts.
  • Integrated filtering of web content is provided with many managed firewall services. This security feature prevents your employees and associates from accessing anti-productive and objectionable internet material. If a computer in your network was used to access something offensive, for instance, it could reflect badly on the entire company.
  • Service providers using Dell’s SonicWALL GMS platform can consolidate thousands of different security policies and simplify the implementation of VPN connectivity. It’s possible to centralize firewall management as well as secure remote access. An additional benefit is the cross-platform reporting capabilities, which include support for the firewall management and anti-spam technology.

The importance of compliance cannot be understated. If your business is involved with any online transactions at all, your security and protection measures must meet compliance requirements for various standards, such as PCI. When firewalls are not managed properly, your entire business may suffer, since customer credit card information and other private data are vulnerable to attacks. Prevent this from happening by complying with the aforementioned standards.

These are some of the many security benefits Toronto businesses can expect from a reliable, managed firewall service provider, like Omega Network Solutions. Call today to learn more!

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