Is it a good idea to have my IT services managed by an outside company?

Owning your own business requires you to be a jack of all trades on some level. When something breaks, a bill needs to be paid or a system upgrade has to be performed, odds Managed IT Servicesare it may channel through you depending on the size of your company.Many folks thrive on managing all aspects of their business and that is admirable, but if the enterprise is successful it will eventually become too much for you to handle by yourself. This is why people ultimately elect to have their IT services managed by a professional organization like Omega Network Solutions that can focus on that area of growth and maintenance. When weighing the decision to hire someone for your IT service management, you might consider:

• Expert advice – Professional consulting and management
• Reliability – Consistent service through 24/7 contact and monitoring
• Security – Protection from outside hackers and viruses
• Return on investment – Focus on projects and not problems to generate new business
• Budget control – Flat-rate pricing for all of your managed IT services

So you see that with one simple solution, you can maintain your budget, promote your secure services and lift some of the weight from your shoulders with regard to IT services. The city of Toronto is teeming with commerce and managed IT services companies such as Omega Network Solutions are able to come into your business and assess all aspects of your IT framework and provide the solutions that you need. An outside company has the benefit of an un-biased review of your IT architecture, so as long as you’re willing to listen, we can come in and help root out deficiencies and glitches that might slow your system or allow it to be accessed by unauthorized personnel.
As much as you probably want to handle every detail of your organization, it just makes good business sense to delegate some of the work to professionals. You may have a rudimentary understanding of how cloud computing works for example, but do you have the time to monitor the security of your files around the clock or watch who is accessing them? That time would be better served interacting with your employees in person or taking a client out to dinner; the behind-the-scenes details of your managed IT services are best left to the folks that don’t rest or call-in sick or ever skip a beat for that matter.

You might consider Omega Network Solutions when looking to hire an IT services manager, as we provide an excellent cost-to-value ratio and our track record is proven. You’ll be able to promote the security of your system with confidence. That kind of reassurance can be like gold to your customers – they want to know you are making decisions with their best interests in mind it shows them you are responsible.

Simply put, hiring an outside company for your managed IT services for your Toronto business is a wise business decision that will immediately reap rewards when you see your team’s productivity increase without sacrificing personnel.

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