What are Hosted Virtual Servers and Why Should I Consider Getting One?

There are many types of servers, and many businesses are finding that virtualization is the ideal solution. Hosted virtual servers help companies in the Toronto area save money by not having to invest in physical hardware. This makes it easier to not only start a business, but to maintain one as well. Physical servers cost a lot of money and require a lot of room and maintenance in orderhosted virtual servers to operate.

Understanding Hosted Virtual Servers
IT companies that offer hosting services often include virtual server solutions in their business packages. Users get all of the benefits of a multiple servers with just one server. Some virtual servers are private and some are shared. For businesses, a private server is ideal. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is set up to run its own copy of an OS, and users receive user-level access to that OS, so that they can install compatible software.

Just as a single, physical hard drive can be split into several volumes, which are all virtual, so can a single server. This type of technology has been around for more than ten years. Today, a virtual server offers the benefits of cloud storage. Both involve saving files and information in cyberspace, and being able to access or modify that data with any computer or device authorized by the company or individual paying for the service.

Why You Should Consider a Hosted Virtual Server
For a business of any size, the process of running and managing an in-house server can be quite expensive, both in the short term and long term. Even if you think you can get by with just one server, there are still long-term costs associated with it. Omega Network Solutions is a company that offers deals on hosting plans to help businesses save on everything from ongoing maintenance costs to bandwidth.

Some of the advantages of hosted virtual servers include:
• Flexibility and scalability. The virtual resources can be added very quickly to increase the capacity, should you ever need to expand your business. Keep in mind that pricing should be fair and you only have to pay for what you need. Also, data can be moved from a slow storage tier to a fast one without any services or business operations being disrupted.

• Simplified testing and development environments. If you require development servers, this kind of technology allows for them to be created with no downtime. When the development environment is decommissioned, you have the option to downsize.

• Short deployment times. A new server takes time to deploy, as the hardware must be procured. With a virtual server, you don’t have to worry about procuring the hardware and getting everything going. Everything is ready to go within a day and staffing time is reduced.

• Opportunity for leveraging other data center benefits. Companies that offer hosting and virtual storage solutions have large data centres and are able to offer enhanced security, 24/7 staffing, ongoing maintenance, good customer support, etc.
Reduce some of the stress involved with day-to-day operations with your Toronto business by relying on a company like Omega Network Solutions. You can count on the hosted virtual servers being well-maintained and protected.

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