What are the benefits of having centrally managed AV?

Viruses and malware are a concern for any Toronto enterprise. Antivirus oversight can become a headache if you are tasked with its implementation and maintenance. WithCentrally Managed AV exposure to significant threats coming from both inside and outside your business, antivirus protection must be quickly updated. Counting on end-users to keep up with AV or manage it on their own isn’t a logical option in most environments. The centrally managed AV has long been the ‘go-to’ for larger businesses, and it is rapidly becoming easier for small to mid-sized enterprise to utilize.

The Importance of the right protection

Risks to a network can come from the outside in the form of malware. Hackers can also enter a system through a single computer operating on a network via an innocent looking email. In a 2012 report, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development found that 30% of computers in the U.S. were infected with some form of malware. In most homes across America, many users do not realize their firewall isn’t effective, or that their electronic devices including laptops and smart phones are infected. It isn’t possible for most enterprises in large cities like Toronto to deny access from employee devices, monitor emails, or limit internet. Typically, the best alternative is to ensure each computer on a network is running up to date centrally managed AV software.

Real Time Across-the-Board Solutions

Running any reporting software increases network traffic. An issue in running AV from each machine is that this increases network traffic. While at home using personal computers, employees will not even notice that AV signature/definition files are using an additional 1 MB to 2 MB, but when connected to a network of even 20 machines, the numbers jump from 20 MB to 50 MB. Larger networks will see a definite problem with higher bandwidth.

Stand-alone AV options only appear inexpensive. Having each computer on an enterprise network using a stand-alone AV might at first seem less expensive, but it can actually increase both bandwidth and risk. Stand-alone programs will require every computer to have an internet connection. As most IT professionals are aware, end-users will often experience difficulty if a program must have an open port in the firewall. A change in the network protocol will often see a number of users receiving messages regarding their AV updates. This takes up valuable work time for both computer users and techs. At the same time even when working correctly outside AVs will require downloading of the same data repeatedly using up yet more bandwidth.

Single Server Options

There is less risk and operation expense with a single server option. Running from a single server, a centrally managed AV reduces risks and bandwidth as the network computers will pull downloads and updates from this location rather than online. Failure of a single server running AV is avoidable through use of backup and restore plans. Even if the server running the protection fails, another can assume these tasks within a few hours. Using centralized location for security files also makes setting up a schedule for updates very simple. This alternative is simpler and less time consuming for end users in businesses throughout Toronto.

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