What are the best reasons for using a cloud file sharing provider?

Cloud file sharing is the natural evolution of data storage and e-commerce. In order to make your business competitive in the 21st century, you need real time communicationCloud File Sharing with your salespeople, IT administrators and management and file sharing via the cloud is an excellent way to achieve that goal. The best strategy is to partner with a provider that offers cloud services that are the most beneficial to your business. Points to consider when selecting a provider in the Toronto area would include:

• File editing/uploading – Cloud file sharing providers like Omega Network Solutions can tailor your cloud experience to your exact specifications. This means you can decide which team members have access to which files and also who among the group can utilize them as “read only” or who is authorized for editing. This is a real timesaver for those folks that are traveling and need to lock-in client contacts and information.

• Mobile device wiping – In the unfortunate event that one of your employees departs from your company, your cloud file sharing provider should be able to remotely wipe the devices that contain access to your cloud so your sensitive materials are safe in case he/she happens to go to a competitor.

• Boundless communication – With cloud file sharing you don’t have the concerns of a central server going down or it being knocked out by a power surge or failure. You can access your data files, photos or videos any time of the day or night. This can be extremely helpful when your managers are overseas or you’ve got salespeople in different time zones visiting clients.
• Free storage – There are so many providers in the Toronto area that many have started to find creative ways to entice new customers. One such plan that has gained considerable traction is offering additional storage for referrals. You can also add gigabytes to your monthly plan by uploading your camera roll. These are excellent reasons to choose cloud file sharing.
• Encryption – Opting for a file sharing provider also can afford you additional security measures in the form of data encryption on the local level, en-route and while in the cloud. Many providers like Omega Network Solutions offer encryption plans with 128-bit and even 256-bit AES security.
Simply put, cloud file sharing is the wave of the future in data transfers and is vital to your success in today’s business environment. Even on a personal level, it can connect family and friends with the click of a few buttons and it provides an open portal to share and upload photos and videos so that everyone stays connected. The major advantages are listed above, but the value that cloud file sharing will add to your business is harder to fully realize. Customers will marvel at how quickly rates can be provided and service contracts are signed. Management will appreciate the ability to stay connected with their projects at every step of the way and ensure that they are moving toward completion. Top all of this off with 24/7 secure cloud monitoring and you have a powerful business tool at your fingertips that cannot be overlooked.

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