What is DropBox and what can it do for my business?

If you are considering a file hosting service, more than likely you’ve heard of DropBox and DropBox for businessDropBox for Business. DropBox offers a wide array of services for business and personal use that include:

  • Client software
  • Cloud storage
  • Personal cloud usage
  • File synchronization

The original service was created by college students who had found the chore of transporting flash drives from home to class to the library and so on was generally a tedious task. They set about creating a service that could store their data and be accessed from multiple points in order to forgo the flash drive. The result was DropBox and now the company commands nearly 15% of the file hosting market share. After considerable success, the company launched DropBox for Business which was geared toward e-commerce and the corporate world. To better outline how DropBox for Business can help your company, please refer to the following list of features that will almost certainly increase your scope and efficiency.

  1. Productivity This service can help to ensure your employees are all moving along at top speed with an easy to use interface and the ability to delete or recover as much data as you need – no need to incorporate your IT support team – project members can do it themselves with device management tools.
  2. Security Using the cloud for data storage and management can be a little concerning in the beginning, after all the data is probably highly sensitive, but with DropBox for Business you can rest assured that good security measures are in place. The service uses single sign-on and two-step methods of support for verifying your team members. The provider is ISO27001 certified and subject to several regular audits to ensure they are providing the utmost level of security for your files.
  3. Efficiency This is also a powerful tool for collaborating with your team. You can use the service across platforms and operating systems so all of your employees can access the cloud and share data using almost any app and any device. That means finally there is some middle ground in the Windows vs. Mac vs. Android vs. iOS wars and you will reap all the benefits as your team can all work together flawlessly.
  4. Innovation There are over 300,000 apps that you can use with DropBox for Business service so that means the latest statistical analysis or communication apps will be there for your team to gain a leg-up on the competition. There are security patches to upload, you can edit and share with powerful tools like Microsoft Office and your salespeople can close urgent deals with helpful contract tools like DocuSign.
  5. Connectivity The ability to sign-on and access the cloud from anywhere is already a pretty big deal, but this service can also protect your sensitive files as by allowing management to withhold or grant access as needed. Furthermore, they can also request mobile device wiping, which means you can pick and choose who can access your projects and restrict access when they are complete.

Toronto businesses are always looking to get an edge over the competition. Using a powerful tool such as Dropbox for Business is an excellent way promote greater communication and efficiency within your organization.

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