What do I need to know about Cloud File Synchronization and how can it affect my business?

Cloud file synchronization is the process of connecting the cloud database and all of its folders to the files of each end user that has access to your cloud. This is a very helpfulCloud File Synchronization tool that is completely re-vamping the way we back-up our files. Basically whenever a user records data of any kind, they can automatically sync the new information to a folder in the cloud that any other authorized user with an internet connected device can access. This aids in the flow of information as all parties can view or edit the data as needed. There are many cloud storage providers in the Toronto area and some are better than others, so considering the use of cloud file synchronization when making your decision is a wise choice.

You might be wondering who uses this business strategy. MSPs (managed service providers) and VARs (value added resellers) are the primary entities that rely on cloud file synchronization and they achieve success by making use of the many of the features below.

  • 24/7 Access Busy salespeople on the go may work any time of the day or night depending on where their client base is located. Forward thinking companies need their employees to be able to access, edit and upload files at a moment’s notice from anywhere and cloud file synchronization is how they stay ahead of their competitors.
  • Chronological Revision Back-up If you lose your connection to the cloud on an airplane or in a business meeting in the Toronto area, this option will allow you to re-trace your steps up to the last data you input. This is a very valuable tool when you might require an older version of a document or contract that has gone through several revisions.
  • Mobile Usage A smart way to save money these days is to allow your employees to use their individual mobile devices, regardless of the make or operating system. Incorporating a cloud file synchronization strategy that can allow them to do this is a good way to keep your employees in the loop.
  • Terminating Data from Devices Sometimes an employee may leave the company or is not included in a specific project. For that reason business may want to wipe certain data from a mobile device. Administrators that utilize cloud file synchronization can allow you to do this for maintaining security clearance and can shut out parties at a moment’s notice.
  • Team Sharing Cloud file synchronization promotes collaborative efforts among employees, managers and administrators by eliminated the “central server” and moving to the cloud where all who are authorized can share, upload and edit files as needed. When the cloud is used you do not have to be concerned with a power source for the grounded server, which ensures no unplanned outages.

Companies like Omega Network Solutions excel at cloud file synchronization because we have been streamlining the process for several years. We understand what it takes to be competitive in the business world of today and that not every employee is stationed in Toronto – they may be scattered all over the world. For this reason, utilizing the cloud is an excellent business strategy that is complimented by effective cloud file synchronization.

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