Why should I consider a cloud service provider that uses file hosting and what are the benefits?

There are many reasons file hosting via the cloud is a good idea when considering a managed service provider. It adds value to your infrastructure and saves resources in theCloud file hosting form of both hardware and software. It also allows for better communication and data sharing among the members of your team by connecting them even if they’re not in your business’ home city. Toronto is a metro area bustling with e-commerce and there are plenty of companies that can manage your virtual storage needs, but cloud file hosting requires greater resources and can be the difference between a good provider and a great one. Ask yourself these questions to get a better idea if cloud file hosting is necessary for your company to excel.

From time to time are security patches required to my infrastructure?

The answer in most cases will ultimately be yes as you attempt to stay on the cusp of internet security and provide a shared system that your employees can upload and edit documents from while still keeping your data private. Security patches are a necessary tool that must be monitored to keep unauthorized users away from classified files.

Do I have the time to manage updates and system back-ups?

This can be a full time job. Management should not exhaust their time on such issues; this is best left to a cloud file hosting provider like Omega Network Solutions that can keep all your firewalls and certifications current so that you are not caught in between two versions of a program that is vital to your daily functions as a business. This mundane but important house-keeping item should not consume working hours for your staff.

Does my team need to share data and interact remotely?

This is a big one because even though Toronto may be a technologically advanced city, it is also a big one as well. You may have employees that telecommute or travel frequently on business. These salespeople may not have the ability to check-in for office meetings in-person on a regular basis and sometimes their work is submitted or updated from home or the road. These folks need a cloud file hosting option in order to effectively solve problems and secure business.

Am I thoroughly protected from hackers and security breaches?

Even if you can confidently say yes to this question right now, you may not always be so safe. Cloud hosting services offered by Omega Network Solutions provide 24/7 monitoring of your cloud through their web service and unless you can say that you watch for breaches without ever sleeping, it is safe to say that a hosting service is well worth your money.

The bottom line when it comes to cloud file hosting in the Toronto area is that it is a very useful way to keep all of your team focused on the current project and working together. It is an excellent platform for creative thinking and editing as well. Most services will allow for some degree of web hosting, but because it can be so critical to your corporate line of communication, it is best to go with a hosting service administered by a well-established provider like Omega Network Solutions.

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