What is the difference between cloud storage and online data back up?

In looking for information on file storage it’s important to know the difference betweenOnline data backup online data backup and cloud storage. Both have some limitations, but also present service opportunities. When looking at the need to store data, there’s no difference between large enterprises or small companies. Data is usually the lifeblood of a business. From personnel files to accounting, all businesses have confidential information that needs to be protected.

Storing Via the Internet

Storing data online is the practice of using a third party service accessible through the internet to store data. This is a much better alternative for storage than using older methods such as disk or tape drives. Saving through the internet is even faster than optical media or saving on flash drives. When looking at significant amounts of data to be stored, this is a good solution. There are however some limitations to this method.

This form or storage is also known as file sharing. Only modest amounts of data can be uploaded at a time or the process can become quite time-consuming. With most of these services, it is necessary to manually select the files to be stored. The process is also not automatically synched. Changes to files are not kept or stored unless this is done manually. This is still a better process than outdated disk or tape in that there’s a less risk of data loss. Information kept on drives is susceptible to the physical threat of theft, or damage to disk or drive.

Along with long upload times for heavy data transfers, this storage’s security is only as good as the third party’s ability to secure it. Encryption is used each time data is sent – either to the third party for storing, or when returned to business. Still, there is always some risk of hacking when sending files over the Internet.

Cloud Storage and Backup

The biggest difference in Cloud storage and online data backup is the amount of data, and the ability to have automatic backup plans. Again, as with online storage this is less vulnerable to theft or damage. It’s also possible to have only storage, and users of the system can access files through the host in the same manner as online storage. Files stored in this way can also be shared securely with others. Files can be changed or edited and the new version saved easily. Simple storage is convenient, however, is not able to hold enough data to fully restore all files on a system. Cloud backup is recommended for keeping a virtual version of a complete system ready to use if the need to restore servers and PCs is necessary.

Keeping Mobile

Most Toronto businesses are finding an increasing need to remain mobile and this is the behind some of the interest in online data backup, Cloud storage and online data backup. Both options are better alternatives to the old methods of physically storing files on site, however which option is ideal will depend on the specific needs of your business.

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