What kind of service can I expect from a cloud storage provider and what are the key traits I should look for?

There are many cloud storage providers in the Toronto area. The city is a major hub for global communications and e-commerce, so it is reasonable to think you should be able toCloud Storage providers find several options for your cloud-based computing needs.The question then becomes, “How do I find the right one, and what services should I expect?” To answer this question, you should consider your needs in the following terms:

1. How much space do you need? – Some companies offer little to no charge for storage if you invest in a bundle of services. Other cloud storage providers will charge anywhere from $2/month for 100 gigabytes, to $60/month for unlimited files. In an effort to keep your costs low, be sure to consider the size and scope of your data for your best fit.

2. Is there a restriction on the size of file I can upload? – Businesses storing massive files should pay attention to this one, as most cloud storage providers will be able to handle a standard data file upload of 2 gigabytes+, but not everyone offers terabytes. If your files will be larger, you may consider buying additional storage space through your provider.
3. What operating systems are supported? – This is a big deal because some cloud storage providers are more closely linked to one OS than another. For the most part they all will try to accommodate Windows, Mac, Android & iOS, but if you are an upstart using Blackberry or Kindle Fire, your options may be more limited.

4. How available is customer service support if I need it? – Cloud storage providers like Omega Network Solutions that are based in Toronto, can really be a life saver if your system has crashed and you need immediate back-up. The ability to provide knowledgeable and effective support from local technicians can make a huge difference in your business operations.
These are all valid questions that will help you tailor your search for a cloud service provider. There are many flashy, international options that you might consider like: GoogleDrive, OneDrive, Dropbox or Amazon Cloud Drive, but you may will lose a bit of the personal touch due to the massive size of those companies. To manage your data in the cloud in Toronto, you should look to companies like Omega Network Solutions that work hard to ensure your needs are met locally and internationally if you happen to do business outside of Canada. They have enough technical support to resolve most Help Desk inquiries in an hour or less and they are available 24/7 with onsite support locally.

As you narrow your search for a cloud service provider, there is a decent list of bonuses you should look for that may sway your decision. Look for these helpful options as well:

• Weekly maintenance plans
• Disaster recovery systems
• Support across devices
• Toronto-based quick response team
• IT reviews on a quarterly basis
• Round the clock remote monitoring

Overall you want to look for characteristics that will set your cloud service provider apart from the rest while adding value to your business. Omega Network Solutions is one such company that can come in, re-vamp your file storage and streamline your access to any archived data for easy retrieval later. That is what you should expect from every provider.

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