Who are some of the best cloud storage providers on the market right now?

The best cloud storage providers that you can find in the Toronto market right now have lots of similarities, but also have some characteristics that set them apart from the Cloud storage providerscompetition. When shopping for cloud-based computing you must have a good idea of where your own strengths lie and what areas you might like to improve or cut costs. You will want to have a service that your employees can access remotely while they travel to meet clients and one that will allow your team to collaborate on projects even when  everyone cannot attend the in-house meeting. The list below identifies some of the best cloud storage providers that you can find today and is sure to get you off the ground with a good fit.

• OneDrive – OneDrive is voted as one of the best cloud storage providers because of its versatility. There is a referral system that can add to your free 15GB and you will also get an additional 3GB if you sync your camera to the service. OneDrive is mainly designed for the bigger operating systems, and it is very social media friendly as it is a snap to link to your profiles for greater sharing and ease of use.

• Copy – Copy is definitely one of the best cloud storage providers, but it is really only compatible with Windows, iOS and Android operating systems. You can use referrals to build on your 15GB of free space and the service will sync easily with your camera, so that all devices accessing the cloud can view the photos. The service runs on 256-bit encryption and you can adjust the settings to allow for users to edit access or just read only.

• Dropbox – This is truly one of the best cloud storage providers because it can be used with the biggest operating systems (Windows, Android and iOS) and also some of the smaller ones. You can enjoy a free account that allows up to 2GB, or you can buy 1TB for roughly $15/month. DropBox also syncs and streams flawlessly across devices so you can have access to your files on or offline.

• Apple iCloud – Apple is now storing any and all files now (instead of only allowing apple documents previously) on the iCloud which has made them a more versatile option, but they still remain without apps for anyone other than iOS users. Despite this fact, they are one of the best cloud storage providers because they are generous with their space. There is 5GB of free storage and $1.50/month for 20GB, which is a really good deal. These guys mirror the fluidity of Google Drive and its homogenous efficiency.

• Google Drive – If you are a Google user, then Drive may be a good option for you. This cloud service works great with Google Docs, Glide, Music and Gmail. Signing up for a free account nets you 15GB of free space right off the top, not to mention up to 50,000 songs that you can have in your cloud without using your 15GB. Data stored on Drive is also 128-bit AES encrypted to ensure your sensitive documents are safe.

• Omega Network Solutions – Finally if you are looking for a more personalized touch with a local advantage, consider Omega. Omega Network Solutions is an established name in the Toronto area for streamlining all of your e-commerce and communication needs. It is no surprise that they make the list of best cloud storage providers. They specialize in round-the-clock technical support and offer a myriad of hosting services for greater sharing among your team members. There are free space accounts and paid ones depending on your level of need. Just provide your name, email and phone and we will contact you for a personalized quote.

With these options you are sure to find an excellent cloud storage provider that can meet all of your needs in the Toronto area.

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