Why Should I Consider Firewall as a Service?

Acquiring firewall as a service allows a Toronto company to focus on core business tasks and responsibilities. It’s not uncommon for businesses to underestimate the complexitiesfirewall as a service involved with running and maintaining a firewall. You DO need a firewall, especially if you do business operations online.

Today, firewall as a service is usually offered as part of cloud storage solutions. Cloud-based firewalls are typically deployed in the provider’s infrastructure. Your firewall can be customized to connect networks in your data centre or across multiple data centres.

These are the reasons why you should consider these types of services:

• Managing firewalls in-house is something that requires a lot of resources and effort, iIt involves device deployment, constant upgrades, configuration, security patching, proper filtering, etc. The network traffic must also be monitored for threats. If you don’t have the time, money, expertise, or resources to do all of this, it would be in your best interest to have your firewall managed and monitored by a company like Omega Network Solutions.

• A significant amount of resources is required for monitoring access control and reviewing logs. The larger your business is, the more resources you will need to use. If you lack those resources and are unable to keep up with the log reviewing and monitoring, your business might not meet security requirements. Once again, a managed firewall solution is ideal, since it provide you with on-demand reporting.

• Consequences of a poorly managed and maintained firewall include security risks, greater amounts of downtime, service disruptions, possible security breaches, viruses, etc. Imagine all of the damage your company will experience if a security breach occurs. Also, service disruptions are always problematic and stressful to deal with. Firewall as a service means that you’ll have a team of engineers that continually perform health checks and real-time security.

Since every business is unique, your firewall should be configured to suit your specific needs. An ideal service provider will perform on-going configuration and rule-set modifications just as you request them. You still have some control over your firewall – even if it’s being hosted and managed by professional service providers.

Are you prepared for seasonal peaks and greater workloads? Are you able to identify projected traffic requirements? Firewall services do just that. Your platform will be monitored in order to ensure that the protection technology scales with your business. Also, performance and availability of resources are assessed with optimized policy reviews.

If your company virtualizes servers, then it makes sense to have virtual firewalls as well. When physical firewalls are used to analyze and monitor virtual traffic, the traffic has to be routed out of the virtual environment through the physical infrastructure and back again. This is a lot of unnecessary, complex work that might be more trouble than what it’s worth – especially considering that this type of set-up increases security risks. In order to avoid all of the complexity, acquire your virtual servers and firewall services from the same company, such as Omega Network Solutions.

You must protect your employees and customers if you want to run a successful Toronto business. Firewall as a service Service will help you achieve that goal.

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