How do I choose the best antivirus service center?

Why is working with an antivirus service center so important?

The biggest mistake any Toronto resident using the internet can make is to put off getting antivirus protection. This is reason IT personnel shudder at the thought of allowingAntivirus Service Center employees or contractors to connect their home laptops to a network. Frequently, those who own Macs believe their machines can’t be infected. Those who own laptops or desktops running Microsoft operating system usually opt for free AV and seldom update it. Computer security experts theorize that at least half of the home computers are infected with malware and adware. Virus creators are waiting for the unwary and unprotected through multiple sources. This should make finding the right antivirus service center a priority. Whether you are managing a small business, or managing a mid to large sized business with employees who also work from home this choice is an important one.

The Constant Need for Updates

More is on the line than cleaning adware off a single machine. Whether an employee is using a desktop at work or using a personal laptop at home there is a temptation to ignore updates. Knowing the updates will take time away from a current task, the natural instinct of a computer user is to delay the process. Some updates can stack up with little effect, but in the case of security software, having the most current update can be critical to protecting a single PC or an entire network.

All Operating System are Vulnerable

An antivirus service center should have options for multiple operating systems. Many businesses will run only run one operating system across the board. Increasingly, however, industry needs see businesses running Lunix, Microsoft, and Mac OS all on the same network. Since the writers of virus are business scripting new malware and adware all the time, it is important to have all these operating systems protected.

The Threat of Malware

Adware will slow PCs and networks down, but malware has the potential of doing far more damage. An attack through email or the internet can result in the theft of confidential client data and financial theft along with the risk of spying. Computer viruses have become one of the biggest causes of downtime for those business in the U.S. and Canada. Prevention is often the only recourse, since a businesses in San Antonio, Texas or Toronto Canada can be the victim of cyber theft from a criminal in thousands of miles away in another country.

Selecting the Right Services

The criteria to look for from an antivirus service center will go far beyond the typical freeware AV.

  • Network and End-user support
  • Anti-virus and anti-malware solutions
  • Reliable information regarding latest threats
  • Fast daily updates
  • Real-time protection
  • Quick, full scans of computers and servers

Choosing the right antivirus service center in Toronto takes the guess work out of whether a PC or network is at risk. Solutions should be tailored to fit the many possible configures of a network, and the types of operating systems in use. Lastly, the managed alternative takes the control of running scans or updating out of the hands of the end-user. Scheduled scans and updates can run throughout the network without slowing the system down. Using a management service, downtime from infection is much less likely. Implementing and maintaining the AV takes fewer internal resources. The best service for any business is the one capable of analyzing an enterprise’s need and finding solutions that fit.

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