What are managed security services and what are the benefits?

Answering Data Security Concerns

From hackers to adware the cost and effort of managing security issues has grown in theManaged Security services last fifteen years. Major corporations have found embarrassment, and legal nightmares can occur when information such as company emails or customers’ financial information is stolen and shared online. A major security breach at a retail giant was all traced to one action by a contractor who was fooled by a malware link. For many IT departments the problems of handling security issues are so overwhelming it takes time away from other important tasks. For Toronto businesses, managed security services or MSS handles many of these management tasks to one sole provider.

Partnering with a Security Provider

Using security features from a provider is nothing new, but with a managed security services provider several such products and services are managed by one entity. The benefit of this is having one centralized approach to an organization’s data protection. Products can include intrusion detection systems, firewalls, security assessments and audits, as well as patches and updates. Most MSS providers will also have a help desk centre, support, and 24 hour monitoring.

Freeing Up IT Staff

Teams of malware creators, phishing scam artists, and hackers are looking for ways into any and every organization. No one is free from prying, spying, and theft. What can overtax an IT team is staying on top of each new threat to security. Not only do providers aid in maintaining security, they also pass off useful up to date information about data and system protection. This takes a considerable burden away from staff, freeing them to maintain the network, troubleshooting, and keeping other aspects of the system up to date.

The Role of Managed Security Services in Smaller Businesses

As a business grows implementing security becomes more necessary, even as it becomes more problematic. A company in Toronto in the midst of expanding will find it now needs more employees, a bigger working space, more computers, a larger network and of course greater security.

An MSS provider can not only offer customized assistance in helping this company, they also eliminate the need to actually purchase and install computer equipment for the purpose of security. Through a provider, this business will have the benefit of professional level security without having to hire additional staff. Most such services will also be aware of local and industry specific legal requirements regarding securing or storing data.

Systematic and Planned

Putting together a security protocol piecemeal will leave a Toronto organization at risk. There’s not much time for a learning curve. Those seeking to compromise a system will see certain changes as exploitable opportunities. Since experienced managed security services are dedicated to this purpose, they are able to mobilize quickly to oversee network security as well protecting information systems. Usually, an MSS will start with an assessment, recommendations, and then begin fulfilling the needs of the client company. This relationship is more of a partnership with both parties working toward the goal of allowing better work flow, while maintaining the highest level of security.

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